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A - Z Directory

Phone: (716) 645-2593
Fax: (716) 645-2883

Name Position Office Contacts
Ali, Alaa Eldeen A. Teaching Assistant Professor 219 Bell Hall 645-2486
alaaelde .at. buffalo.edu
Armstrong, Jason Teaching Assistant Professor 220 Bell Hall 645-3541
jna4 .at. buffalo.edu
Baier, Robert E. Adjunct Faculty 355 Squire Hall or
110 Parker Hall
baier .at. buffalo.edu
Bauman, Paul T. Assistant Professor 611 Furnas Hall 645-1410
pbauman .at. buffalo.edu
Behdad, Sara Assistant Professor 243 Bell Hall 645-5914
sarabehd .at. buffalo.edu
Borazjani, Iman Associate Professor 337 Jarvis Hall 645-1468
iman .at. buffalo.edu
Burge, Matt Teaching Assistant Professor 213 Bell Hall 645-4703
mburge .at. buffalo.edu
Johnson, Betty L Senior Staff Assistant 238 Bell Hall 645-2328
blbrown .at. buffalo.edu
Chattopadhyay, Somnath Teaching Assistant Professor 218 Bell Hall 645-6063
somnathc .at. buffalo.edu
Chung, Deborah D.L. Professor 608 Furnas Hall 645-3977
ddlchung .at. buffalo.edu
Chowdhury, Souma Assistant Professor 246 Bell Hall 645-3059
soumacho .at. buffalo.edu
Crassidis, John L. CUBRC Professor in Space Situational Awareness

Director, Center for Multisource Information Fusion
1003 Furnas Hall 645-1426
johnc .at. buffalo.edu
Dargush, Gary F. Professor

Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research
223 Bell Hall 645-2315
gdargush .at. buffalo.edu
Darrall, B. Teaching Assistant Professor 221 Bell Hall 645-1415
bdarrall .at. buffalo.edu
Das, Sonjoy Assistant Professor 607 Furnas Hall 645-1450
sonjoy .at. buffalo.edu
DesJardin, Paul E. Professor 336 Jarvis Hall 645-1467
ped3 .at. buffalo.edu
English, Ken Adjunct Faculty 5 Norton Hall 645-2685 x 102
kwe .at. buffalo.edu
Esfahani, Ehsan T. Assistant Professor 245 Bell Hall 645-2517 ehsanesf.at.buffalo.edu
Estes, Aaron Teaching Assistant Professor 217 Bell Hall 602-819-0726 aaronest.at.buffalo.edu
Felske, James D. Professor 330 Jarvis 645-1463
felske .at. buffalo.edu
Fye, Marty Faculty Affairs 208 Bell Hall 645-2262
fye .at. buffalo.edu
Golden, Carole Graduate Coordinator 210 Bell Hall 645-2334
maegrad .at. buffalo.edu
Hall, F. John Assistant Professor 241 Bell Hall 645-5946
johnhall .at. buffalo.edu
Hewlett, Margie Senior Staff Assistant 317 Jarvis Hall 645-1453
mhewlett .at. buffalo.edu
Hua, Susan Zonglu Professor 340 Jarvis Hall 645-1471
zhua .at. buffalo.edu
Karami, M. Amin Assistant Professor 1013 Furnas Hall 645-5878
karami .at. buffalo.edu
Khan, Jobaidur R. Teaching Assistant Professor 236 Bell Hall 645-0387
jobaidur .at. buffalo.edu
Lewis, Kemper E. Professor and Chair 208 Bell 645-2685
kelewis .at. buffalo.edu
Liang, Zach Research Professor 130 Bell Hall 645-4354
zliang .at. buffalo.edu
Lordi, John Research Professor 317 Jarvis Hall 645-1450
lordi .at. buffalo.edu
Love, David Assistant to Chair 209 Bell Hall 645-1795 djlove.at.buffalo.edu
Madnia, Cyrus K. Professor 334 Jarvis Hall 645-1465
madnia .at. buffalo.edu
Ehrensberger, Mark Adjunct Assistant Professor 162 Farber Hall or 3435 Main Street (716) 829-2983
mte .at. buffalo.edu
Matthew, Maclean Adjunct Associate Professor 318 Jarvis Hall (716) 645-2593
mmaclean .at. buffalo.edu
Mayne, Roger W. Professor Emeritus,
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor
240 Bell Hall 645-1424
mayne .at. buffalo.edu
Medige, John Associate Professor Emeritus 318 Jarvis Hall  
Meng, Hui Professor 324 Jarvis Hall 645-1458
huimeng .at. buffalo.edu
Mollendorf, Joseph C. Professor 335 Jarvis Hall or
105 Sherman Hall
molendrf .at. buffalo.edu
Mook, D. Joseph Professor 1008 Furnas Hall 645-1427
mook .at. buffalo.edu
Patra, Abani Professor 605 Furnas Hall 645-2734
abani .at. buffalo.edu
Rae, William J. Professor Emeritus 318 Jarvis Hall
rae .at. buffalo.edu
Rai, Rahul Associate Professor 244 Bell Hall 645-1451
rahulrai .at. buffalo.edu
Reismann, Herbert Professor Emeritus    
Ringuette, Matthew J. Associate Professor

Director of Undergraduate Studies in Aerospace Engineering
327 Jarvis Hall 645-1461
ringum .at. buffalo.edu
Salac, David Associate Professor

Director of Graduate Studies
326 Jarvis Hall 645-1460
davidsal .at. buffalo.edu
Singh, Tarunraj Professor 1009 Furnas Hall 645-1428
tsingh .at. buffalo.edu
Singla, Puneet Associate Professor 1010 Furnas Hall 645-1429
psingla .at. buffalo.edu
Sandor, Brittany Undergraduate Coordinator 251 Bell Hall 645-1796
Soom, Andres Professor Emeritus 240 Bell Hall 645-1431
soom .at. buffalo.edu
Stewart, Thomas Adjunct Assistant Professor 318 Jarvis Hall (716) 645-2593
stewart .at. buffalo.edu
Van Slooten, Richard Adjunct Associate Professor 325 Jarvis Hall 645-1459
rav .at. buffalo.edu
Wetherhold, Robert C. Professor

Director of Undergraduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering
606 Furnas Hall 645-3058
mecrcw .at. buffalo.edu
Yoo, Jihyung Assistant Professor 323 Jarvis Hall 645-5989
jihyungy .at. buffalo.edu