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Margaret Lawn Undergraduate Student

photo of Margaret Lawn

Currently: Dual Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Bachelor of Science

I chose UB for the Aerospace Engineering department and for the rowing team. I also have family in the Buffalo area, so I figured that the transition from home to college wouldn't be so rough.

UB is such a huge school that it really helps to become part of smaller communities. I joined Theta Tau, the co-ed professional engineering fraternity, in my junior year, and they have become like a family to me. Through Theta Tau I've had the opportunity to get to know students in other engineering departments and become more involved at UB.

Dr. Esfahani has been my research advisor since the spring semester of my junior year. I had no research experience when I first met with him, but was able to jump into a project that his group was already working on. I have since started independent project on origami springs, which I will finish and present this semester. Dr. Esfahani has also helped me with my applications for graduate school and helped me build my research and technical writing skills.

My advice for incoming students is to get involved with research early. Even if you do not intend to pursue a career in research, it's an awesome learning experience. Also, don't be afraid to branch outside of your major to take classes or become part of a project that sounds interesting.

“What I really like about UB is the diversity. There's a major and a club and a community that's a perfect fit for anyone.”

- Margaret