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Philip Odonkor Graduate Student

photo of Philip Odonkor

Currently: Engineering Doctoral Student

Undergraduate Degree: Dual Mechanical and Aerospace Bachelor of Science

I made the decision to attend UB without ever stepping foot on the campus. I was that confident in my decision. My early interactions with faculty and students convinced me that I will be surrounded by a group of technically gifted, passionate and creative individuals at a very affordable and ambitious institution, in a resurgent town. All these have proved true. Needless to say, I have been thrilled with my decision so far.

I will have to say my academic mentor. Graduate school was a bit intimidating at first, and while family encouragement helped, it did a world of good to have my mentor put faith in my abilities and provide encouragement. It was also helpful to have someone guide and define my research interests.

Academically, I like the freedom we have in customizing our grad school learning experience. We are encouraged to pick classes that complement our interests and are free to incorporate classes offered by other departments. Socially, I love the large variety in student run clubs available. It feels like there is a club for every interest. This makes it very easy to find like-minded people and to make friends.

Get to know as many of your professors as possible and show genuine interest in their work. You will discover that by taking that initiative, you open the door to opportunities which the average grad student misses out on such as research guidance, funding opportunities and a chance to build your professional network.

“Perhaps MAE’s best-kept secret, the services offered through TA office hours have been of tremendous help to me throughout my graduate school career. It is amazing how big of a difference TA’s make in improving the learning experience. It is almost like having a personal tutor at your service, but for free.”

- Philip